It is my belief that all human nature shares in one cauldron of ancestry. We know this to be true when we are drawn to similar colors and forms that spike our intuitive sense.

A self-taught artist, Robert has been painting since age five. His precision for detail and symmetry outline a strong background in both math and science.

With art on the back burner, Robert spent several years studying and working as a scientist. It wasn’t too long until the frantic yearning of the canvas took the steering wheel. Robert was driven to pick up where he left off.

He began with a jolt by backpacking across Europe and piercing through the jungles of Central America. With rejuvenated inspiration, his passion for painting was set in motion.

Deep-rooted with the ancient Mayans and the parallels of ancient Egyptians to revolutionaries like Che Guavara, Robert draws high voltage energy from these influential warriors.

Robert’s artistic expressions assemble the mosaic of life’s experiences. As an artist whose eye is drawn to the historical essence that has created our present fabric of life, Robert’s art displays a dynamic range of creativity and understanding.

Robert Vigil brings forth the links between our tribal past and our spiritual reality.